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In Japan it is very popular to visit Kyoto in a kimono.

Shop is located in the Arashiyama of attractions, it is the perfect location to explore in kimono.
Such as Arashiyama, Daikaku temple, truck train, Matsuo Taisha, Togetsukyo, Nomiya Shrine, is also convenient access from such tourist attractions.
Close from the train station and bus stops, it is possible to spend meaningful a limited time, located in the best place.

Kimono rental procedure

Come to Japan! Come to Kyoto! Come to our shop, YumeKyoto!

YUME KYOTO Arashiyama shop is near Togetsukyo! Please come to our shop.
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Please choose your favorite Kimono!

You can choose your favorite pattern from our wide selection.
We even have enough Kimonos for men and kimono accessories. Please pick out the one that suits you!
Plan / Charge
A professional will help you put it on!

At last, It's time to wear it!.
A professional dresses you in a kimono.
For an additional 1500 yen, you will have your hair done.
Now you are complete in full traditional Japanese dress.

Wearing your favorite Kimono.....completed.
Go to your favorite sights.

Let's go to your favorite sights. Togetsukyo, Daikaku temple and many more.

*Please come back to return the Kimono on that day by 6 o'clock in the evening.
Please enjoy sightseeing in Kimono when you visit Kyoto.Now make a reservation at once!
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