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Rental Kimonos YUME KYOTO
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Plan / Charge

It costs from 3,500 yen a day, including Kimono, accessories and fitting. It is ok to come directly to the shop on the same day. Even if you have already reserved your plan, you can change it when you visit the shop.Even if you come here without any articles, you can choose everything here, from the obi (the belt used to tie the kimono around the waist) to accessories. Since there are more services provided by the shop, please feel free to ask us at any time!

Storeā€™s selection plan
3,500 yen (exclusive of tax)

In this plan we choose one combination of Kyoto YumeĀ“s articles for you to wear.
*You cannot choose the pattern of the Kimono or Obi yourself in this plan.
Plan where you can dress up in a full attire

5,000 yen (exclusive of tax)

In this plan you can choose the kimono, obi, undershirt, overcoat, shawl, handbag and sandals of your liking from around 400 gorgeous designer kimonos.
This plan is recommended if you would like the outfit to have wonderful finishing touches.
*The Tabis (Japanese socks with split toes) are free. You can take them home with you.

Men's Kimono plan
5,000 yen (exclusive of tax)

We have assembled various sorts of men's kimonos from 155cm to 190cm's size (the size depends on the shape of your body).
There is also a great number of obis with or without patterns.
Rental Yukata
4,000 yen (exclusive of tax) *(only for June, July, and August)

Limited to June, July and August, this plan lets you dress up in a rental yukata, the thinner version of kimonos worn in summer.


It is possible to make changes, additions or cancellations on the same day.

Original hairstyle
+ 1,500 yen (exclusive of tax)
A beautician specializing in hair sets gives you a hairdo that goes well with the kimono. These kinds of services usually cost around 5000 yen, but we give our customers the opportunity to do this at a very low price. There are many hair ornaments to choose from, allowing you to pick the ones of your liking!
Return the articles on the following day,

+ 1,000 yen (exclusive of tax)
If you choose to add this option to your plan, you can take your own time to enjoy the kimono and other rented articles by returning it to the shop before noon (12:00) on the following day.

Return the articles to your hotel,
Return the articles to your hotel, + 1,500 yen (exclusive of tax)
If you choose to add this option your plan you can give the clothes to the front desk of your hotel or other lodging host (but only if you are staying inside the city of Kyoto). If you give the rented articles to the front desk of your hotel, we will come to pick them up the following day, which allows you not to worry about returning them in time.
There are times when we have to refuse customers to choose these options that allow you to return the articles on the following day or leave them in your hotel due to confusion or other circumstances.
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